matthew collins (zerael) wrote in thosr,
matthew collins

And they call it free will.....

i was given a choice the other day. it was confirmed, verbally, that it was my decision and no one else's. yet the choice was already made. it is much like someone telling you that if you grab the red ball that they will shoot you in the head, and then telling you that the choice is yours to make. not a very good example of free will now is it.

the consequences of the choice weighed too heavily, or rather, i believed weighed too heavily and so i made my "choice" the antithesis to what desire was telling me to do...the "get out of jail free" card.

it all seems so worth it and easy when they say "all of your problems will disappear" yet refuse to tell you what the payment me, there is ALWAYS a payment....

theyre trying to get me because time is running out, take out as many as you can...

none of you realize how long ive waited for this... not ready.

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