Darael (heavendiaries) wrote in thosr,

The Refinery of Love

It's a very peaceful sunday morning here and so I would like to gather you all around me for a moment of peace and the sharing of Love.

Today, let's talk about the refinement of Love, the source, the corruption, the illusion and the return.

It is possible to recognize Love while still in the body. We get glimpses of it and sometimes we even think Love is available to us in it's entirety in human one-on-one Love. What makes us humans so great is our ability to feel Love...and in human relationship we touch upon the soul-beauty that is only the next step to the realization of Formless Love.

As long as we are physical (form) our conception of True Love (formless) will be limited.

There may even come a time when a human being taps into this wellspring and recognizes that, though it is almost unreachable on a full term basis, it still EXISTS as a power source and can be tapped into at will. These are the defining moments in a human being's life where they may question themselves as to WHY they are even here on earth. When human beings begin to question his/her purpose NOT because of their suffering, but but because of their recognition of LOVE...they are presented with the next step in their spiritual growth. It is at this juncture that a person has realization. Realization, within the physical realm can only lead to one thing. It is a task. To be in the body, means you are restricted, NO MATTER WHAT, to the realms of the physical. Even if you have surpassed all illusions, if you are human, then you must work on the human plane. And that leaves us ONE road. It is the road of service.

When we realize that our sufferings, our dramas, our misunderstandings, our illnesses....when we realize that these actions are not WHO WE ARE, but merely the 'things' that gave us the strength to find out who we are, we can then put things into perspective. When we can stand back and WITNESS our lives, even if for just a moment, as opposed to the usual perception of viewing our lives as 'living us', then we can see that we have a higher purpose.

We fall in love. We get sick. We deal with mental illness. We fear. We are paranoid. We feel unloved. We want more. we desire things. We lose friends. We face death... These common experiences are part of the human condition. All of it IS a condition. BUT... it is not US. We live life, life doesn't live us. When this body fails, we will return again in a new one to learn once again what form can bring us. When we realize that form exists so that our souls can grow stronger, we don't need to be so fearful anymore.

And then we can tend to the reason why we ARE here. Service. We have to serve our brothers and sisters. We have to remind others that their true nature is True Love. We are Love itself, and in knowing this we must leap over every hurdle there is...because nothing is free except Love. The road to Love is a seemingly unending routine of fire-rings and glassed paved journeys. But... it's not unending. It's there. But it takes many rings of fire to get to. Once we really SEE this, the rings of fire are also percieved as illusion.

We are not our pain. In fact, if we are really informed we should think of our sufferings as gifts, as GREAT blessings. Because if we can feel Love within the tornado of threat and illness... then we are near to absolution. We become beatific. Beatification is the miraculous transcended Love that occurs in the human being while suffering.

It is possible and it is our birthright.

So, honestly, whether you are born 'to peace and light' or to 'endless night' there is no difference. WE have one duty as humans and that is to serve our higher nature. And our higher nature is True Love.

True Love attracts True Love as well. Once you find yourself feeling Love, like a magnet you will attract those like you. Doubt attracts doubt. Fear attracts fear.

And deep, deep Love attracts deep, deep Love. Soulmates are found along these paths.

with great love and great respect, I welcome you all with all my heart.

I remain Yours,
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