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The Ribbon Lie

This message has been inside of me for a very long while now. I simply could not contain it any longer. It is by no means new or even original, but it is pertinent nonetheless. It is of the nature of messages that once uttered cause a stir and then are sorrily forgotten, as I'm hoping this one is not.

I am finally understanding the spiritual meaning behind the cliche, 'the more I know the less I understand.' I realize that it takes an enormous effort to understand, and that any kind of understanding must take years of practice. Deciphering and unveiling, analysis and refinement... all part of the procedure of understanding.

One cannot utter this phrase glibly. The journey that brings one to the place where knowledge itself is unknowable is a long one and must be paved in both self-assurance and self-doubt.

And now, to my message, which is dual.

The road to enlightenment in this human form must go through the trial by fire. The fire lasts through many, many lifetimes and detachment is, of course, the final phase. An ongoing process, one that never ends once detachment is acheived. After detachment, a new phase begins, that of complete and total establishment in god-knowledge.

On the way to god-knowledge, our hunger for some semblance of an 'end' allows us to deceive ourselves into thinking we have a clue. But a clue is all we have, for to think we are 'there' simply because we read something special in a book that day would be mere folly.

My entire life has been dedicated to knowing god. I have lived both as an ascetic and as a householder. And what is happening to me now, personally, is that as I am finding myself torn in two. On one hand, I want to pray and meditate and dole out my compassion to anyone who needs it. On the other hand, I look into myself and realize that there's an unheard cry inside my soul. And, because I am willing to look at myself for all I am worth, I also realize that I cannot acheive a state of peace if I repress what I know now to be... anger. And so, whereas at one moment I wish the world peace, in another moment I want to watch it destroy itself. And a part of me gets giddy with laughter thinking about it.

Some people think I am an angel, some think I am a saint. What I see is that I am presently a human being living on a planet drenched in fear. What I see is intolerance. What I see is cowardice. What I see is cruelty. What I see is selfishness.

What I see is big business. And what I see is a lack of morals amongst individuals.

And now... my point.

Do not insult us anymore with your pink ribbons. Do not sell me a t-shirt with the twin towers and a rousing display of 'NYPD'. Pharmaceutical companies own the world...WAKE UP. Do not ask me to donate a portion of my postal stamp to cancer research. If you want to help fight cancer, write a check to the individual who is lying in the bed dying. Research? WAKE UP.

The cures exist. If you doubt me, then go feed your doctor another mercedes.
Avian Flu. Let's see... create a disease and offer a cure...BIG BUSINESS.
AIDS: create an epidemic, kill off what BIG BUSINESS considers 'undesirables' and slowly bring in expensive and toxic medicines that address the symptoms only.
Cancer... do you honestly thing that trillions of dollars and hundreds of years of research has come up with nothing? Interesting.

Chemotherapy is a vile and archaic torture akin to being in a concentration camp and being subject to chemical experiments. They downplay this to numb the masses and get them to purchase the drugs, which are more than $5000 per treatment. 8 treatments later... one year of lying in a nauseated coma, a cripple with no body hair... THIS is what they have to offer? THIS is what trillions of dollars of research buys the dying?

They say that only a small percentage of those who recieve chemotherapy have a violently allergic reaction. But they do not say that amongst that small group that the individual experiences that violent reaction 100%.

Besides the fact that it is NOT a small percentage.

We are fed lies by our government.
We are fed lies by doctors.
And out of FEAR, we bow down.

You bow down.

You have made your god FEAR.

You have made your god COWARDICE.

You have made so little of yourselves.

I say:

FEAR NOTHING. Make your government FEAR YOU. Make your doctor beg to heal you for free. Make your life worth something. Stand up for your rights. Stand up for yourselves. You're going to die anyway, so why fear death? Why spend your life in fear?

Don't give money to research. You don't know where that money goes. Don't wear cancer awareness ribbons...you don't know where the money goes. You want to support a cause? Then get in touch with someone who is what that cause is about. Don't just sit there thinking you're doing something by wearing a ribbon. It's doing nothing. It's just buying someone a trip to the bahamas.

Don't support the drug machines.

Take your spiritual knowledge and grow it into courage. I'd love to meditate this whole world into peace...but it's not going to happen by my doing it alone. I have to confront my demons, and my demons are big business and intolerance. As long as we are all not on the same exact spiritual level, there is going to be unrest.

the duality of this message:
don't repress your anger... it's there.
rid yourself of it by confronting it.

fear nothing, not even your own self.

Kwan Yin vowed to stay here and give compassion to every living thing, until the very last soul was enlightened...then she could return.

Let's help her out. Fight the fear inside you and do not let yourself be repressed, oppressed and beaten down by the lies of the mind.

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