matthew collins (zerael) wrote in thosr,
matthew collins

Canto I

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1. And I looked into the distance and beheld a great void. It creeped as a serpent creeps and its sound was that of deafening thunder. It moved upon the face of the world like a pestilence and swallowed all hope.
2. In this place a voice spoke to me. And these words created images before me as in a dream. The voice was as a thousand tongues and brought me to my knees.
3. The voice spoke; “This is the way the world is murdered, this is the face of its abhorrition. This is the nameless faceless one who comes in the darkness to take.”
4. I looked and saw unfolding before me, a great red sea filled with the dead and the dying. The scent rose into my nostrils wet and decay and sulfur. To my horror, the dead as they passed wailing aloud to be saved. Screaming in agony as they ripped at each others flesh to stay afloat.
5. On the shores there, the banners of pestilence hissing in the thick air. The three rings, the box and the blindfolded beggar.
6. In the sky, a great lion clothed in fire hurling itself to the ground.
7. In the temple, the name on the wall. The verdict before the betrayal. The criminal named before the deed was committed.
8. The voice spoke again;” This is where the great upset begins, inside the frame is the answer, there is truth hidden in the walls.”
9. And I looked and before me was a grand city. At the center of this city, a great eight spoked wheel and a domed castle. 140 men watch over the great wheel and wait for the obelisk to call them to life.
10. There are things most unclean here. Within the bowels of this terrible city lies something in wait. That which must come to pass. That which will bear the mark of his arrival, and give the signing of his birth rite.
11. He will come with the creeping dark. He will come without knowing he has arrived. He will come to the world as its redeemer, and murder it.

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